Warmaidens by Kelly Coon

Warmaidens by Kelly Coon

Just a few moons after escaping the tomb in Alu, Kammani and the other runaway maidens have found refuge in the city-state of Manzazu. There, Kammani has become a respected healer, especially among the warriors she’s brought back from the brink of death. Now that the nightmares of Alu are fading, she can finally decide whether or not to take Dagan’s hand in marriage.
But when an assassin murders a healer he believes is Kammani and attempts to kill the displaced queen of Alu, the maidens realize they’ve been found.
Hungry for revenge, Manzazu’s queen wants to strike back at Alu with her fiercest weapons—her scorpion warrior maidens—but Kammani knows that war harms more than it heals. To save the innocents and any chance of a future with Dagan, Kammani must take down Alu’s ruler before their lives burn up in the flames of war.

Warmaidens by Kelly Coon does not have the same feel as its predecessor, Gravemaidens, while at the same time it has basically the same premise – to get an evil ruler off the throne of Alu. This story is very repetitive, lacks communication between the characters, and there’s little to no character growth.

Throughout the story Kammani and her friends are trying to get the ruler of Alu off the throne before Manzazu’s queen can start a war, but every plan they make has such a lack of communication that they fail over and over again, and instead of learning from their mistakes and trying to work together they continually end up hurting each other and their cause.

Again with the of the lack of communication, no character growth, and repetitiveness is Kammani and Dagan’s relationship. I get that the author is trying to show Kammani standing up for women’s rights, but I can’t help but feel for Dagan. This man has never forced Kammani to do anything and yet she is so scared to trust him in marriage. Kammani’s (and also Iltani’s but that’s another story for another day) behavior in my opinion does more harm than good for feminism. At times I was so disgusted with how they treated the men in this story. As much as I loved Dagan for being the loyal man that he is, I also wished he would stand up for himself and realize that he deserved better. Love is great and all, but if your relationship lacks communication and trust it won’t be a happy one or last very long.

Let me finish off by saying that I really enjoyed the first book in this duology, Gravemaidens. I even said in my review of that book that it almost had a happy ending and could probably be read just as a standalone. I should have left well enough alone and skipped Warmaidens, but I’m a curious person and wanted to make sure that statement would hold up. In my opinion it absolutely does. So, even though this installment wasn’t my favorite I will still recommend that y’all read Gravemaidens because it really is a fantastic book, and you can just wrap up the loose ends on your own.

Thank you to Netgalley and Delacorte Press for providing me with an e-arc for review.

Rating: ★★

It should be noted that Warmaidens has an average rating of 4.05 stars on Goodreads at the time of writing, so there are obviously quite a few people who thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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